EARL VINCENT-PESCHER : The character's Salers !
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At the VINCENT's Family, the passion for the Salers doesn't date of yesterday. The VINCENT family is from Vins Haut (County of Anzat the Luguet), small village at 1200 m of altitude, very close to Cantal (15), cradle of the Salers race. The VINCENT daily live with Salers since four generations. With the passing of the years and expansions, the livestock increases and occurs again;  genetics constantly progresses with the purchase of reproductive males and the selection of the best mothers (for their ponderal qualities and their easiness of calving). A great and permanent attention is brought on the musculature, the harmony in the proportions and the restful character of the reproductive males and females.

The Breeding's Story and Origins

1927 :
Gustave VINCENT with his wife Yvonne VIALLEFOND are fixing at Vins Haut, County of Anzat le Luguet. They breed and select a very tiny herd of Salers on the familial exploitation
(first generation).

1930 and 1935 : Births of René and Lucien VINCENT, sons of Gustave and Yvonne.

1958 : René VINCENT gets married with Mauricette LADEVIE (second generation). They get settled in Apcher and pursue the Salers' breeding, while Lucien keeps to work with his Father Gustave in the farm of Vins Haut.

1961 and 1967 : Births of Joël  and Yves VINCENT, Sons of René and Mauricette.

1971 : René VINCENT leaves Apcher and buys the domain of "La Tour du Miodet", close to Saint Dier of Auvergne in the Livradois. Between 1971 and 1995, René, with his wife Mauricette and his two sons Joël and Yves, enlarges the surface of the exploitation very distinctly while the livestock progresses in number and in quality : the Salers cows, accustomed with the rigors of the climate of high mountain , adapt remarkably to the sweetness and to the abundant grass of the Livradois, more sheltered and situated at average mountain. In parallel, René invests strongly on the modernization of the technical means of the domestic farm by the purchase of effective machines and the construction of modern breeding buildinfs and agricultural warehouses.

1984 : Joël VINCENT individually buys the domain of 'Le Viallard", close to "La Tour du Miodet". He only starts with about thirty reproductive cows selected in his father's breeding and bought in other breedings registered  in the Salers Herd-Book. Joël's exploitation appears in the Herd-Book since the departure and the performances of the calves are analyzed thanks to the adherence at "Bovins Croissance" [bovines' growth]. Shortly after, Yves VINCENT takes the succession for the exploitation of his parents René and Mauricette. Joël and Yves always work in narrow collaboration at the time of the demanding works and share their farm equipment.

1995 : Union of Joël VINCENT and Agnès PESCHER (third generation).

1997 : The exploitation of the Viallard modernizes itself and increase in capacity with the construction of a breeding building more in adequacy with the needs of the herd.

2001 : Birth of Thomas VINCENT, Son of Joël and Agnès (fourth generation to come...).

2004 : Agnès, wife of Joël, becomes exploiting associated farmer and the EARL VINCENT-PESCHER is founded. It permits an increase of the number of mothers Salers that rises currently to 75. Incidentally, 3 mares of the Ardennes come to vary the livestock.

2015 : the Agricultural Enterprise (EARL) is becoming the GAEC VINCENT-PESCHER.