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Last update : 26/01/2017

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February 2017 : The VINCENT-PESCHER's Salers Cows are enjoying the Sun in the snow from Livradois !

Salers calf in the snow, VINCENT PESCHER GAEC / Agricultural Enterprise

January 2017 : The VINCENT-PESCHER's agricultural enterprise is wishing you a nice and happy New Year 2017 !

The Salers' Breeding in Livradois / GAEC VINCENT PESCHER is giving you his Best Wishes for the new 2017 Year !!
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YEAR 2016

October 2016 : Some new young Salers Bulls in the VINCENT-PESCHER's Agricultural Enterprise
September 2016 : The Salers' Contest in Chastreix-Sancy ; again numerous prices won by the GAEC VINCENT-PESCHER !
August 2016 : The best confirmed Animals at the end of Summer 2016, and the Hopes for reproduction
February 2016 : The VINCENT-PESCHER's Salers Breeding is showing you its new reproductive Bulls
January 2016 : The VINCENT-PESCHER's agricultural enterprise is wishing you a nice and happy New Year 2016 !

YEAR 2015

October 2015 : The International Breeders are visiting the VINCENT-PESCHER's enterprise for the Sommet de l'Elevage
September 2015 : Avalanche of awards for the 2015 Salers' Contest organized in Saint Amant Roche Savine (Puy de Dôme)
April 2015 : Happiness is in the Yard with the Animals sent to the grass by the VINCENT-PESCHER's agricultural enterprise !
January 2015 : The young bulls hope for reproduction are competing at Saint Bonnet de Salers towards an international sale

YEAR 2014

September 2014 : The departmental Salers' Contest in Saint Diéry (Puy de Dôme, France)
April 2014 : The animals are sent towards the grass at spring in the Livradois Salers Breeding
February 2014 : Quick flashback about the VINCENT-PESCHER's Agricultural Enterprise on Facebook since 2010

YEAR 2013

September 2013 : The selected Animals for the Salers Contest 2013 and the best hopes for reproduction
End of January 2013 : The News about the selected calves for the Station of Assessment
January 2013 : Frison is checking the births and the little life of the cattle : Happy New Year !

YEAR 2012

December 2012 : The first Calves, progeny of Foch and of the best Salers Mothers
April 2012 : The cattle is sent to the grass

YEAR 2011

December 2011 : Back to the farm's facilities for the winter at the Salers' Breeding in Livradois.
October 2011 :  departmental Contest of Draft Horses at Cunlhat (Auvergne, FRANCE)
September 2011 : Crop of Rewards at the Salers' Contest 2011 organized at La Rodde (FRANCE, Puy de Dôme).
July 2011 : The births of Bloo and Balzane of the Viallard ; Horses from the Ardennes in the VINCENT PESCHER's Breeding.
April 2011 :  the cows are sent to the grass : the Mares from Ardennes ; the dog with red paws and the Barnyard
February 2011 :  the station of assessment at Saint Bonnet de Salers (FRANCE) : the heavy male calves Falco, Fiston and Foch
January 2011 :  the horses from the Ardennes ; the weigh of the calves ;

YEAR 2010

September 2010 : the Herd won numerous Rewards at the Salers' Contest 2010
August 2010 : The Herd is serenely waiting for the Salers departemental Contest at Job by tasting the pastures of Livradois.
July 2010 : Show at Tours sur Meymont of the Horses from Ardennes with Joël and Thomas VINCENT.
June 2010 : The horses from the Ardennes are enjoying the vernal pastures at Salers' Breeding in Livradois.
April 2010 :  The cows are put at the grass and they enjoy it to revive their paws.
March 2010 :  Birth of Alizée, Daughter of the Mare from Ardennes Quenel de Maucourt.
February 2010 : The calf and the Salers Mother are in good health at the Salers' Breeding in Livradois

YEAR 2009

December 2009 / January 2010 : The calves of the year are finding it well at the Salers Breeding in Livradois
November 2009 : The calving is going well at VINCENT-PESCHER's agricultural enterprise
August 2009 : Slideshow of some animals

July 2009 : Video showing the Breeding
May 2009 : Slideshow of the farm and some animals