EARL VINCENT-PESCHER : The character's Salers !
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The Salers : numerous big assets

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And some testimonies* of French Farmers...

" It is a cow which makes its calf every year without help for the calving. " ;
Bernard Ropert, Salers' breeder "double-activity" in the English Channel

" It adopts its calf very well, it excellent feeds it, and regarding the cares that it can bring to the calf, the Salers is perfect. "
Yves Hubert, breeder Salers in polyculture/breeding system in the Aisne

" I have smaller costs of production, notably for the veterinary expenses. "
 Jean Louis Hervagault, breeder-fattering Salers in Ille et Vilaine

" It is a race which is profitable with regard to the food because one can give to the cows quite low quality hay, and they adapt very well under these conditions. "
Bernard Ropert, Salers' breeder "double activity" in the English Channel

" The Salers is profitable because the dairy production of a same cow allows at the same time an optimum milking and fooding the calf without complement "
Christophe Freyssac, breeder with double production (milk and heavy calves) in Cantal

* Source: www.salers.org and UPRA-Salers, 26 rue du 139ème RI, 15 002 AURILLAC (FRANCE)